Thursday, December 22, 2005

one for you, one for me, 3 for the guy next door. cause i said so that's why!

congratulations to all of you who've visited and found out i'm fucking lazy when it comes to updating this blog.... hooray for you!

now, hooray for me! i got a free turkey from work today because my boss wrote some commercial policies. he also got a turkey (why is it that i really want to spell turkey turckey like it's some form of mutated chicken??) which he is going to smoke for 9 hours, no, not like a joint smoke, like in a smoker smoke. you just think that you're so funny....

just an update, so far with my bonus i've purchased 3 skeins of manos color #115 and am making yet annother clapotis, just not as gigantic as they are supposed to be. i'm allready bored out of my brains with it and i'm not even half way through. also i got knit, a personal handbook (it's just a note making book for knitting with graph paper, a needle size thingey and some other junk that's usefull) also got a knitting journal so photos of my projects get documented somewhere, i'll need to buy myself a manual camera so i will have some photos because the computer **dun dun dun da** still isn't fixed.....


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