Tuesday, January 03, 2006

i vote for crazy

drove -all the way- to seattle for purly girls knitting last night. wendy figured out that she probably won't have enough yarn for her socks prooved to her by jessica's scale. the 'pattern' says that she woud need 400 yds of yarn, so she bought 2 sekins of 200 yards. i told wendy that i voted that the pattern writer was crazy, i was quickly told that she may have been mistaken but that she is far from crazy. my vote.... still for crazy (and a little for that devil 'bad math').

i am still waiting for a sane person out there to write me some patterns for socks that are done on magic loop instead of dumbshit doublepoints. i'm kinda tired of the knit 19 st from needle 1 and then turn and purl bla bla bla, seriously, i use my brain enough these days i don't need it to be tested with socks. and for anyone out there with a link to how the math for a heel works (ie where to knit to and how many sts for the center ect), please send me a link or a reccomendation for a book or you can just explain it to my dumb ass next time you see me.

oh! oh! stopped at dons new house on the way to knitting, and i love the living room color they picked. bright happy green! and the floors are -awesome- can't wait to go and knit there soon. it's really too bad that the person who 'worked' on the house before them didn't have a brain to use. **helpful hint** never ever ever place a textile (wood) that will soak up even the slightest amount of liquid from boys shaking thier penises about after wizzing next to the toilet as it will never again be something that you would want to touch with a bare hand or graze with your elbow, unless there are all females in the house or the boys sit down to piss. **a few more helpful hints** stiars do not belong in a closet, shingles do not belong on the celing, paper board isn't the best thing to nail shingles to, cupboards in the kitchen should be more than 10 inches deep, boarding up the space beneath a deck does not make 'annother room' or, for that matter, an appropriate place for a washer and dryer, and no more stealing lighting from denny's or sharrees.

thats all for now. i'll probably post something about that new years 'to do' list that really should be will never do list later.


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