Tuesday, February 28, 2006

doo wop rally day two

needless to say day 2 started out with 4 non drowsy dramamine pills for don. there was also the bonus that we got to get up later in the day because the park expose in aberdeen where we were staying was at 8 am. we met up with the boys for 1st service in montesano after everyone had checked out of thier hotel rooms. i wasn't told that we were checking out then, i thought we had untill later in the day so i was pretty pissed when dad said i couldn't leave one of the coolers or meat in the fridge at the hotel like i was planning on. so i went out and emptied the hotel ice maker into the coolers for the day. we made the short drive to montesano and set up 1st service of the day. rob gus and ian made a trip to texaco 1st thing and came back with airsoft pellet guns .


The war began shortly after they got back. rob and gus went in together on a bag of bb's for 10.00 poor ian only got his gun and the pelets it came with. when ian ran out of bullets he had to pick them up off the ground and i'm sure you can guess every time he bent over the other two would shoot him in the ass. fucking hilarious!! here are the more serious injury photos:

(photo) (photo)

the war continued until tom came in to service, then i was targeted because tom got his hands on a gun. i only got shot once though. don actually ate half a vegie-balogna sandwich for lunch this day, tom got me to make him a roast beef sandwich. after 2nd service at montesano we made great time packing up and getting the trucks and gti loaded up i was happy we were getting the hang of it and weren't last out of service. then hell started. we followed the 'directions' given in the service route book. we got lost. 23 miles up highway 12, then back down, 4 miles past the turn off on 107 and back and we just barely got to service (thank god tom didn't break anything on the car) in time to gas up the car and send tom on his way. one more service and then we were done for the day. don told tom to take it easy on the next stage, they just wanted to finish because they thought they were in good standing, tom was 16 seconds faster. that's my brother. i was able to use one of the frs radios to pick up the channel that the race officials were transmitting times on. i'll have to remember the scanner next time so we can listen in on all the conversations. after the last service of the day we packed up and got to drive the last stage of the rally. that was a lot of fun even in don's gti. but i know for sure i could never be a rally driver, definitely not enough balls, i don't like the sliding around corners part and the cliffs without guard rails bothers me. we got to the oakville grange in one piece, even with the tires that were strapped to the trailer dad was pulling vibrated out from underneath the strap, participated in the dinner and donated our money to the food bank.


tom and don (and all the other participants for that matter) did really well. over all tom and don ended up 21st. the AWESOME news is that they got 2nd in thier group 'group 2' and won 1st in novice and 1st in group 2 on day 2 of the rally. for the rest of the results you can check out www.fatboyraceworks.com under 2006 doo wop rally series. for reference tom's car number is 997.

i talked to tom the other day and barring any major damage to the car it sounds like we will be out again in april down in oregon.

doo wop rally friday (day before day one)

dad and i left later than don tom gus ian jasmine and britany. i didn't leave work untill 3:30 and had to go pick up dad, eat a little pizza, pack the coolers and get on the road to aberdeen to the doo wop rally . we arrived about 8pm and don and tom weren't back from tech yet but the 1st words we heard were we made it through tech. awesome. then the fun started. putting the fine tuning sponsor decals on the car, checking all the fluid levels, starting and finishing the notes to the stage route book and getting farted on twice once by each brother. i hope that doesn’t become a good luck ritual. we all got into bed around 1 am, that didn't mean that we slept. all of us were pretty stressed out about the impending race and making sure we didn't forget anything (oh, i totally forgot the fake bologna and veggie burgers i got for don to eat so dad had to go get some at safeway before we left town).

tom working on the car

don making notes in the stage route book

gus working on the car

you caught me.

didn't finish my olympic knitting or get the pattern up. tough shit. see the next post for the sweet rally weekend i worked at instead.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

eating a what?

crap, that bunny must be tasty.

chomp chomp!

this is the sweet sweet revenge for the PAIN IN THE ASS this bunny was to knit. really i should say a pain in the shoulder, made in debbie bliss cotton dk it sucked hard core. no more bunnies knit in a non wool component yarn. blech. although he is rather cute, oh, and the baby too.

Friday, February 17, 2006

the 1st beagle day at the park

recently i started volounteering to help out with the local beagle rescue * saturday march 4th will be the 1st beagle day at the park. this is the blurb that will be up on the beagle rescue site (hopefully soon!)

It's time again for Beagle Days at The Park!!
The first Saturday of each month starting on March 4th, all Beagles are invited to join the pack at Magnuson Park at the old Sand Point Naval Station from Noon to 3PM for a morning filled with barking, baying, tail wagging, sniffing and the making of new friends! Bring a Beagle Buddy and have twice the fun! Snacks are optional, treats are a given, cameras are encouraged. For directions and rules of the park please visit: http://www.seattle.gov/parks/magnuson/ola.htm . The park is very large and completely fenced, if the group isn't right by the front gate check the trail. Remember we want all of your furry family members to join in the fun!

Suzy and her 3 beagles Nezzy, Cabby and Bailey will be planning beagle days at the park and can be reached at 3beagles at gmail dot google dot com

i'm very excited. i'm also very excited that i get this monday and next monday off woohoo!

*in case you didn't know, all of my beagles are rescued dogs, one was on her last day at the shelter with a skin condition, one got 'too big for apartment living' and one was given up for allergies of a family member. please consider rescuing a dog, they appreciate it and it cuts down on the profits of back yard breeders and puppy mills.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


should i be worried that my name is still not up on the knitting olympics list? i know that all of the olympians are hard at work knitting now. how long should i wait to email to see why my name didn't make it?

pretty frost and bunny bath day

we are going through a cold snap her in the pnw, there usually isn't any frost left for me to see when i get up if there is any at all but since it was still 30 degrees when i woke up i got to take some pretty pictures.

even the weather vane says it's cold!!

poor duckie.

while i was out taking pictures nez decided that she should eat some more of the snow. it's her favorite thing to do when it snows. you can't tell in this picture but she is eating snow and really shivvering.

olypmic bunny #1 devious. devio for short.

bailey thought that devio would like a ride around the yard

she thought that devio was having fun and didn't want to give him back.

cute bailey wants the bunny back. silly dog rabbit's arnt for puppies!

due to the ride around the yard all the bunnies got thier baths this morning.

devio is not happy about bath time.

p.s. i really like how the polly fill washes in the black rabit and devio, i don't know if firefox bunny will ever get dry or fluffed back up as his cotton batting was squished flat when washed. follow the washing instructions given for your yarn and if you use the polly fill you may even squish them with a towel and then block them like you would a sweater.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

snow! glorious snow! (or neener neener neener!)

this morning george woke me up with a kiss and told me he got me snow for valentines day. how nice of him.

this is the front of the house. (don't worry the rest of the trim will be white this spring and the garage door will be red. house used to be tan with dark green trim)

here are the dogs in thier 'ususal' position. they see all the squirrels and cats this way.

left to right nezzy, cabby and bailey

more snow pictures in the back yard.

fence and back yard lighting.

the out of controll lilac bushes.

too bad the pretty yellow crocus that had popped up was buried by the snow. that would have made a pretty picture.

Friday, February 10, 2006

oooh more bunnies and bailey

almost finished frog tree alpaca doubled (yellow green and natural) finished lambs pride bulky (black and white) finished knit picks 'zinnia' (orange verigated)

knittig olympics supplies, will be 3 bunnies


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

crash test bunny army unite!

please reference the 1-29-06 post that shows a bunny attacker in my house.

no, the dog does not usually get to play with this rabbit, no need to worry. although cabby does take great care in chewing the ears off of his babies, this is not designated to be his baby, it's mine. along with the bulky version with the non encephalitis head you will be seeing tonight.

yes, the pattern for the bunny will be up soon. come back and you will see it, i hope to have it up on the last day of the winter olympics. you could also check here the official crash test bunny army blog.

speaking of the olympics, i have joined the knitting olympics, and will be knitting 3 'katie's crash test bunnies' (this would be said rabbit attacker) in the 16 days allotted.

Friday, February 03, 2006

bad bloglines, bad bad bloglines!

the least that they could do was look at the next entry in the bbc news headlines before listing these two stories one after the other....

Football: Egypt cruise to victory

In African

Egypt face Senegal in the African Cup of Nations semi-finals after overcoming DR Congo.

'Many dead' as ferry sinks

In Middle East

Hundreds of people are feared to have died after an Egyptian ferry with about 1,400 people on board sank in the Red Sea. Rescue boats, battling poor weather, are reported to have pulled at least 300 survivors from the water.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

fast fast clouds

the other night as i was chasing the clouds home i thought about how my life is.

and about how much worse it could be.