Friday, February 17, 2006

the 1st beagle day at the park

recently i started volounteering to help out with the local beagle rescue * saturday march 4th will be the 1st beagle day at the park. this is the blurb that will be up on the beagle rescue site (hopefully soon!)

It's time again for Beagle Days at The Park!!
The first Saturday of each month starting on March 4th, all Beagles are invited to join the pack at Magnuson Park at the old Sand Point Naval Station from Noon to 3PM for a morning filled with barking, baying, tail wagging, sniffing and the making of new friends! Bring a Beagle Buddy and have twice the fun! Snacks are optional, treats are a given, cameras are encouraged. For directions and rules of the park please visit: . The park is very large and completely fenced, if the group isn't right by the front gate check the trail. Remember we want all of your furry family members to join in the fun!

Suzy and her 3 beagles Nezzy, Cabby and Bailey will be planning beagle days at the park and can be reached at 3beagles at gmail dot google dot com

i'm very excited. i'm also very excited that i get this monday and next monday off woohoo!

*in case you didn't know, all of my beagles are rescued dogs, one was on her last day at the shelter with a skin condition, one got 'too big for apartment living' and one was given up for allergies of a family member. please consider rescuing a dog, they appreciate it and it cuts down on the profits of back yard breeders and puppy mills.


Anonymous Laura said...

Sounds like fun, Suzy! My 2 lab-mutts will be diggin' it - can't wait to meet the 3 Beagles!

Tue Feb 21, 06:56:00 AM 2006  

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