Tuesday, February 07, 2006

crash test bunny army unite!

please reference the 1-29-06 post that shows a bunny attacker in my house.

no, the dog does not usually get to play with this rabbit, no need to worry. although cabby does take great care in chewing the ears off of his babies, this is not designated to be his baby, it's mine. along with the bulky version with the non encephalitis head you will be seeing tonight.

yes, the pattern for the bunny will be up soon. come back and you will see it, i hope to have it up on the last day of the winter olympics. you could also check here the official crash test bunny army blog.

speaking of the olympics, i have joined the knitting olympics, and will be knitting 3 'katie's crash test bunnies' (this would be said rabbit attacker) in the 16 days allotted.


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