Tuesday, February 28, 2006

doo wop rally day two

needless to say day 2 started out with 4 non drowsy dramamine pills for don. there was also the bonus that we got to get up later in the day because the park expose in aberdeen where we were staying was at 8 am. we met up with the boys for 1st service in montesano after everyone had checked out of thier hotel rooms. i wasn't told that we were checking out then, i thought we had untill later in the day so i was pretty pissed when dad said i couldn't leave one of the coolers or meat in the fridge at the hotel like i was planning on. so i went out and emptied the hotel ice maker into the coolers for the day. we made the short drive to montesano and set up 1st service of the day. rob gus and ian made a trip to texaco 1st thing and came back with airsoft pellet guns .


The war began shortly after they got back. rob and gus went in together on a bag of bb's for 10.00 poor ian only got his gun and the pelets it came with. when ian ran out of bullets he had to pick them up off the ground and i'm sure you can guess every time he bent over the other two would shoot him in the ass. fucking hilarious!! here are the more serious injury photos:

(photo) (photo)

the war continued until tom came in to service, then i was targeted because tom got his hands on a gun. i only got shot once though. don actually ate half a vegie-balogna sandwich for lunch this day, tom got me to make him a roast beef sandwich. after 2nd service at montesano we made great time packing up and getting the trucks and gti loaded up i was happy we were getting the hang of it and weren't last out of service. then hell started. we followed the 'directions' given in the service route book. we got lost. 23 miles up highway 12, then back down, 4 miles past the turn off on 107 and back and we just barely got to service (thank god tom didn't break anything on the car) in time to gas up the car and send tom on his way. one more service and then we were done for the day. don told tom to take it easy on the next stage, they just wanted to finish because they thought they were in good standing, tom was 16 seconds faster. that's my brother. i was able to use one of the frs radios to pick up the channel that the race officials were transmitting times on. i'll have to remember the scanner next time so we can listen in on all the conversations. after the last service of the day we packed up and got to drive the last stage of the rally. that was a lot of fun even in don's gti. but i know for sure i could never be a rally driver, definitely not enough balls, i don't like the sliding around corners part and the cliffs without guard rails bothers me. we got to the oakville grange in one piece, even with the tires that were strapped to the trailer dad was pulling vibrated out from underneath the strap, participated in the dinner and donated our money to the food bank.


tom and don (and all the other participants for that matter) did really well. over all tom and don ended up 21st. the AWESOME news is that they got 2nd in thier group 'group 2' and won 1st in novice and 1st in group 2 on day 2 of the rally. for the rest of the results you can check out www.fatboyraceworks.com under 2006 doo wop rally series. for reference tom's car number is 997.

i talked to tom the other day and barring any major damage to the car it sounds like we will be out again in april down in oregon.


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