Tuesday, February 28, 2006

doo wop rally friday (day before day one)

dad and i left later than don tom gus ian jasmine and britany. i didn't leave work untill 3:30 and had to go pick up dad, eat a little pizza, pack the coolers and get on the road to aberdeen to the doo wop rally . we arrived about 8pm and don and tom weren't back from tech yet but the 1st words we heard were we made it through tech. awesome. then the fun started. putting the fine tuning sponsor decals on the car, checking all the fluid levels, starting and finishing the notes to the stage route book and getting farted on twice once by each brother. i hope that doesn’t become a good luck ritual. we all got into bed around 1 am, that didn't mean that we slept. all of us were pretty stressed out about the impending race and making sure we didn't forget anything (oh, i totally forgot the fake bologna and veggie burgers i got for don to eat so dad had to go get some at safeway before we left town).

tom working on the car

don making notes in the stage route book

gus working on the car


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