Wednesday, February 15, 2006

pretty frost and bunny bath day

we are going through a cold snap her in the pnw, there usually isn't any frost left for me to see when i get up if there is any at all but since it was still 30 degrees when i woke up i got to take some pretty pictures.

even the weather vane says it's cold!!

poor duckie.

while i was out taking pictures nez decided that she should eat some more of the snow. it's her favorite thing to do when it snows. you can't tell in this picture but she is eating snow and really shivvering.

olypmic bunny #1 devious. devio for short.

bailey thought that devio would like a ride around the yard

she thought that devio was having fun and didn't want to give him back.

cute bailey wants the bunny back. silly dog rabbit's arnt for puppies!

due to the ride around the yard all the bunnies got thier baths this morning.

devio is not happy about bath time.

p.s. i really like how the polly fill washes in the black rabit and devio, i don't know if firefox bunny will ever get dry or fluffed back up as his cotton batting was squished flat when washed. follow the washing instructions given for your yarn and if you use the polly fill you may even squish them with a towel and then block them like you would a sweater.


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