Friday, March 24, 2006

vanilla yogurt

yep it's official, i don't like vanilla yogurt. even it it's in it's frozen form. just another thing to add to the list. i've tried several different brands but just can't get over the whole fake taste of it. blech.

i'll get my camera back soon so i can show you all some more photos of bunnies ('cause i'm sure that's why your here, not because i have cute dogs or an interesting life or anything like that. oh, maybe because of my hot brother, the race car driver in the doo wap posts earlier this month.) and the dogs.

on the knitting home front i've started a new project. i'm totally not going to tell you what it is though because, well, it's secret.

it's black and red and knit on size 13 40 inch addi turbo circulars, but seriously that's all i'm telling you.

i've ripped it out once already okay, i'm done, not telling you another bit about the secret project.

i will take some pictures of the rockin' stitch markers i made especially for the secret project last sunday though, but that's all you get.

seriously, i'm done,
that's all your getting, don't know why you're still reading.

oh it's really cool and i don't keep secrets well.

okay all done.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

as much as I hate to return it, your camera will be coming with me to knitting on Wednesday. Oh the fun we've had together! I love you, digital camera!

Mon Mar 27, 01:29:00 PM 2006  

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