Wednesday, April 12, 2006

feeling much better

no, i havn't been sick it's just that my whole outlook is better, i feel happier, more myself and i'm taking more steps in the right direction for -me-. ahhhhh.

i'm going to work on getting more pictures up here, 'tis to nekkid for my liking. really too bad that i don't have my camera with me right now or i would be taking a photo of this monstor cloud that is eating lake washington and seattle.

ps tonight is cupcake night. hooray for cupcakes.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

what's in my knitting bag

my friend pip asked me (and everyone else) via her blog what is in my knitting bag
**fair warning, i have a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig knitting bag**

black 4 gig nano and head phones
uproar cell phone
cd of the rogue and eris pattern by girl from auntie
pill box of advil
business cards
lip gloss
box of licorice altoids
get up kids cd
the gemologist's business cards
(that's just the front pocket kids)
unfinished green koigu and black cashmere silk blend rabbit with size 0 addi turbos stuck in his head
6 tatting shuttles with thread on them
4 pieces of finished tatting
tatting pattern
case with nail clippers nail file tweezers and cuticle pusher
headlight bulb for my car
naturopathic allergy medicine for days
natruopathic allergy medicine for nights
naturopathic sinus medicine
excedrin sinus headache
humabid (expectorant)
another nail file
meat tenderisor (for bee stings not 'cause i have a meat tenderising fetish)
my secret knitting project that has been exposed as a felted bag
a metric shit ton of eco wool in black red and periwinkle
the knitters handbook by knitters magazine
natural health magazine
part of a skein of andean silk in barn red form knit picks
stripey sock yarn and a mostly made tie
a binder with a metric shit ton of patterns in it
my knitting note book that i write my patterns in
two red mittens
naturopathic vet info that i need to read in my spare time (ha!)

:edit: i totally forgot i have all of my addi turbos in my bag plus my other must have knitting paraphenalia like the tape measure, stitch markers stitch holders kacha kacha ect i won't list everything in there though. well, maybe later....