Tuesday, May 30, 2006

happy god damned memorial day?

okay, saturday sucked total dog nuts for me. i was happily eating my sandwich (after finally getting out of bed about noon-ish) and kee-runch i bit something in my sammich that was not sammich, i don't know if it was a rock from the bread ('cause it was hippy bread) or a piece of bone from the turkey but it hurt my tooth. it was only later when i was enjoying my steak when i felt my tooth get sucked out by the steak i was chewing on. oh yeah, i broke my goddamned wisdom tooth.

(when i get time the picture will go here 'cause my dentist gave me a print out of the exray)

i can not tell you how depressed and pissed off this has made me all at the same time. my brothers have the best descriptor in the world for this. they call it 'being all salty' now, not salty like a sailor hardened by the seas in alaska, think like you just dumped the whole salt shaker on your fries and you shake one off and try it anyway, the face you make? yeah, permanent on me right now. all i want to do is bitch bitch bitch bitch. just a suggestion, don't call me up at work and ask me stupid questions today...... it will not end up being your day. trust me, i will hunt you down and punch you in the throat.

there is some silver lining to this cloud though, i get to go to the dentist for the first time in 10 years and pay him to inflict pain. wait. what was that? i get to pay him to pull out my wisdom teeth? who gets to keep the teeth? put those fuckers in a zip-loc baby i'm takin' 'em home. you bet your ass i'm coming home with something other than the good drugs. i do have some insurance though which is better than none.

i'm going to go home soon and eat hot dogs and ice cream and grumble some more.


ps the rest of the weekend was cool. i might write more about it later, when i'm not so salty.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

a smidge busy

yep, havn't posted for a while again, i have been a little busy starting a stitch and bitch group on mondays in seattle on capitol hill at my favorite new coffee place online coffee company . if you're interested in coming and want to be involved in an active knitting group with a ton of talented seattle knitters please ask to join :] don't forget to tell me you saw it on my blog and what your 1st name is.

Click here to join k2tog
Click to join k2tog

Thursday, May 11, 2006

neener neener i have a sock tree

look my trumpet vine has decided to grow me some half made socks, yarn and addi turbos!

this sock and yarn looks suspiciously like a broadripple sock and knit picks sock garden 'pansy'

looks like something knitted is devouring my outdoor clothes dryer

ick! it's mouth is open!

my pretty lilac bush, smells really good. too bad this isn't smell-o-vision.

mr bubba listening for ajax, the next door neighbors kitty. one day i'll snap a picture of him so you can see how pretty he is.

baily nez and cabs out in the yard sniffing for things....

did someone say cookie?!?!

nez and bailey playing chase!

git her!!

go bailey go!

stalking the nezzy bean....

bailey attempting to eat the camera.

nezzy ran through the monster's yarn while running away from bailey.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

daniels bunny + pip = k i s s i n g!!

a short while ago a friend of mine traded me some wonderful fingering weight silk cashmere yarn for a bunny, i had some spare koigu laying around that called out to me to make it into a rabbit. and look here he is!!

what can i say the bunny likes to drink 'da beers.

muy cute bunny :]

the bunny is seducing pip!

oh no! (shortly after this picture was taken daniel took possession of the bunny, never to be let out again to seduce the poor helpless females of the world.)

look, even with all the projects i have started and should be finishing, i started a pair of toe up socks. the yarn is now my current favorite sock yarn hand dyed here in washington, you get enough to make 2 pairs of socks for $20 who can beat that??? for those that are curious i'll do a quick write up of the pattern someday...

close up of sock in progress and yarn.

this picture was taken on easter weekend at my parents house. bailey is in front of the door on the lookout for those horrid ducks!! for those of you that haven't had the pleasure, baily hates the ducks that live on the lake at my parents house and is always on patrol to be able to chase after and bark at them, or any water birds. it keeps the geese from shitting on the lawn so we don't mind :]

nezzy beans sacked out takin' a nap on my mom's chair with one end of the coveted blankie.

bailey with the other end of the coveted blankie taking a nap on the floor. she's very cute but needs her nails trimmed.

Friday, May 05, 2006


it's 8:22, i'm still trying to wake all the way up. boys and girls my alarm went off at 5am and i am still not -awake-, i had the i don't remember how i got here drive to work.

last night i went shopping with my friend zoe, we tried to find pants for her. we only got around to the bon (which i will never call macy's), jc penny and target. she didn't find any pants but she got to see my super shopper side that usually only comes out when i'm shopping with my mom. over the last year mom has lost over 100 lbs i'm really proud of her but now when she goes shopping she wants to try on the store. she has a specific system when she heads in to shop, anywhere that has a colored jean, she's trying one of each color on (i swear to god this woman has 3 shades of purple jeans) then over to the old lady shirts. she keeps picking up the flowerey ones and expecting me to say that they look great but what i actually do is ask her how old she wants to look. zoe and i also got cut off 6 or 7 times last night, once by a scooter. on the way to work i only got cut off 3 times. now i'm babbling i'll go try and work now....

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

the garden

this is the trumpet vine that i transplanted to the front of the back yard. i'm crossing my fingers that it's going to survive. when it produces flowers they are the most beautiful orange and red. if it lives i'll take a picture.

here are the jasmine that have been waiting a month to get put in the ground.

this is my garden area, it used to be full of weeds untill i went at it with the weed wacker, or what george calls the 'strimmer' it's a collection of two words, string trimmer. the engish, so quaint...

this used to be a set of 10 ft tall buttter fly bushes the one with the dark green leaves has the dark purple flowers, i think, and the verigated is the lighter, i will confirm later. can you say scalped? i knew you could...

the light purple lilac bush.

the dark purple lilac bush.


bailey and the hoses.

a fuzzy picture of my favorite tulips and some weeds.

the constant view of my dogs, the rear view.

bubba snorfing in the garden. he just ate something but i don't know what it was. probably the remains of a carrot. this fall he figured out how to get in the garden and dig up and eat the carrots and that tomatos that fall on the ground are fair game, talk about confetti colored poopie... good boy.

marshmallow farts

readers digest condensed version on my life for about the last month to get you up to speed 'cause i've been too lazy (really not to lazy, just busy as hell) to write anything and i got poked back into life on my blog today.

about mid april realized that my wonderful brothers were participating in a rally from the 21st to the 23rd and i was in charge of food. worked on a good cheap menu and had it all packed and ready to go when we left thursday night april 20th, it was nice to get the friday off work but for me the rally weekends are a working weekend and a total stress out. i'm not telling you i didn't have an awesome time but being part of a race team totally wears you the hell out especially if you are out taking pictures and video all day and not knowing what is going on during the race. honestly i'm still recovering from the weekend. i did find that i need only 2 things for my birthday this year to help with the rally, a handheld scanner and a gps that will show forest service roads and now that i've watched the video that my brother put together out of all of the hours of video tape i took i also think i need a better tripod.

i've also started
my own knitting group on monday nights in seattle in the capitol hill neighborhood in the online coffee co that just opened up. can i just tell you how much i love this new group? no? okay, i won't say too much but to have such supportive and awesome people in my life makes me so happy! last night was the 2nd meeting of the group and the turnout was still over 10!!!

also last weekend instead of relaxing and recovering from rally i went to the fiber expo in seatac and met lilly chin and had a fabulous dinner at a friends house on saturday. on sunday i went and worked in the yard for 5 hours. i'll get some pictures up of the yard tonight hopefully. my brother still has my memory card for the camera so i can only take 6 pictures at a time :]