Tuesday, May 30, 2006

happy god damned memorial day?

okay, saturday sucked total dog nuts for me. i was happily eating my sandwich (after finally getting out of bed about noon-ish) and kee-runch i bit something in my sammich that was not sammich, i don't know if it was a rock from the bread ('cause it was hippy bread) or a piece of bone from the turkey but it hurt my tooth. it was only later when i was enjoying my steak when i felt my tooth get sucked out by the steak i was chewing on. oh yeah, i broke my goddamned wisdom tooth.

(when i get time the picture will go here 'cause my dentist gave me a print out of the exray)

i can not tell you how depressed and pissed off this has made me all at the same time. my brothers have the best descriptor in the world for this. they call it 'being all salty' now, not salty like a sailor hardened by the seas in alaska, think like you just dumped the whole salt shaker on your fries and you shake one off and try it anyway, the face you make? yeah, permanent on me right now. all i want to do is bitch bitch bitch bitch. just a suggestion, don't call me up at work and ask me stupid questions today...... it will not end up being your day. trust me, i will hunt you down and punch you in the throat.

there is some silver lining to this cloud though, i get to go to the dentist for the first time in 10 years and pay him to inflict pain. wait. what was that? i get to pay him to pull out my wisdom teeth? who gets to keep the teeth? put those fuckers in a zip-loc baby i'm takin' 'em home. you bet your ass i'm coming home with something other than the good drugs. i do have some insurance though which is better than none.

i'm going to go home soon and eat hot dogs and ice cream and grumble some more.


ps the rest of the weekend was cool. i might write more about it later, when i'm not so salty.


Blogger Inmate said...

Ahhh, now you will be forever known as Salty Suzy. I like it! Hope you're feeling better soon. Wish I could make a tooth cozy.

Tue May 30, 06:35:00 PM 2006  
Anonymous Laura J. said...

Aw, I'm sorry Suzy! That sucks! But, the silver lining of the wisdom tooth pulling: lots of ice cream, and a great excuse to lay on the couch and knit instead of going to work!

Wed May 31, 11:09:00 AM 2006  
Anonymous ZOE said...

OMG I ain't gonna lie to you... wisdom teeth are no picnic. Be prepared NOT TO BE ABLE TO USE A STRAW! For like a week! It sucks like woah. But we get through it somehow, with roomier mouths and neat souvenirs to show people.

I'll see you next Monday and I'm gonna bring friends!.

Wed May 31, 09:17:00 PM 2006  

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