Tuesday, May 02, 2006

marshmallow farts

readers digest condensed version on my life for about the last month to get you up to speed 'cause i've been too lazy (really not to lazy, just busy as hell) to write anything and i got poked back into life on my blog today.

about mid april realized that my wonderful brothers were participating in a rally from the 21st to the 23rd and i was in charge of food. worked on a good cheap menu and had it all packed and ready to go when we left thursday night april 20th, it was nice to get the friday off work but for me the rally weekends are a working weekend and a total stress out. i'm not telling you i didn't have an awesome time but being part of a race team totally wears you the hell out especially if you are out taking pictures and video all day and not knowing what is going on during the race. honestly i'm still recovering from the weekend. i did find that i need only 2 things for my birthday this year to help with the rally, a handheld scanner and a gps that will show forest service roads and now that i've watched the video that my brother put together out of all of the hours of video tape i took i also think i need a better tripod.

i've also started
my own knitting group on monday nights in seattle in the capitol hill neighborhood in the online coffee co that just opened up. can i just tell you how much i love this new group? no? okay, i won't say too much but to have such supportive and awesome people in my life makes me so happy! last night was the 2nd meeting of the group and the turnout was still over 10!!!

also last weekend instead of relaxing and recovering from rally i went to the fiber expo in seatac and met lilly chin and had a fabulous dinner at a friends house on saturday. on sunday i went and worked in the yard for 5 hours. i'll get some pictures up of the yard tonight hopefully. my brother still has my memory card for the camera so i can only take 6 pictures at a time :]


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