Friday, May 05, 2006


it's 8:22, i'm still trying to wake all the way up. boys and girls my alarm went off at 5am and i am still not -awake-, i had the i don't remember how i got here drive to work.

last night i went shopping with my friend zoe, we tried to find pants for her. we only got around to the bon (which i will never call macy's), jc penny and target. she didn't find any pants but she got to see my super shopper side that usually only comes out when i'm shopping with my mom. over the last year mom has lost over 100 lbs i'm really proud of her but now when she goes shopping she wants to try on the store. she has a specific system when she heads in to shop, anywhere that has a colored jean, she's trying one of each color on (i swear to god this woman has 3 shades of purple jeans) then over to the old lady shirts. she keeps picking up the flowerey ones and expecting me to say that they look great but what i actually do is ask her how old she wants to look. zoe and i also got cut off 6 or 7 times last night, once by a scooter. on the way to work i only got cut off 3 times. now i'm babbling i'll go try and work now....


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