Friday, June 30, 2006

the babies be lovin the bunnies

my friend katie just sent me photos of her new baby thomas with the crash test bunny i made for him. kate is really the inspiration behind the design on the bunny. you too could have a cute bunny like that in only a few days :] (patten in the links over there -->)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

still have the ants but evicting wisdom teeth on friday

didn't i say i was going to post more pictures? yeah i suck, yet annother post without photos.

i should snap a pic of the ants before they are all dead 'weezing the ju-uice' at the terro bar i have set up on my counter. i'll do that when i get home around midningt tonight okay? i was trying to think of a way that i could mark the ants to see if the same ones are coming back but then i came to my senses... and anyway that would take a teeny tiny little paint brush and then i would want to name them so i'd have to make tiny little name tags saying hi i'm marge or bertha or bob or jimmy or slappy or yeah, whatever... not doing that anyway.

this friday i am going to have all of my wisdom teeth ripped out of my head or what's left of them. from the x-ray (and my totaly unprofessional opinion i really broke the hell out of the one. the good news is that i get to go to my mommy and daddy's house and get babied for the weekend and i get 2 days off work... my diet from friday to monday will consist of cherry jello, chocolate cook and serve pudding (none of that instant shit for me i love me some pudding skin), whipped cream out of the spray bottle, ice cream and the most wicked good strawberry milk shakes known to man. my mom is the master at making strawberry milk shakes..... i also plan to sleep like the dead and be high each day on pain meds. maybe i will be knitting maybe i will be tatting really i need to be tatting so that i can have more than 3 inches of lace for my friends garter finished before her wedding on the 15th of next month but i am the queen of procrastination and i'm sure i'll be sewing fixing something with it the night before. i'm not sure if she reads this or not so i can't tell you too much.

speaking of not being able to tell you too much, i started and finished a secret project in the last month and a half. i submitted for the new stitch n' bitch book and if i don't get accepted there then i will be submitting to knitty. what i've heard about submitting to knitty though is that they are turning down things they should be taking and taking things they should be turning down. since i only get to see what they publish and there are only 2 things this issue i want to knit, i tend to agree with that statement. if you come to my knitting group k2tog (you can request to join over there in the side bar) that meets on capitol hill on mondays you get to preview what the secret project is. now it's lunch time at work so i'm going to go knit er tat, whatever i fancy.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

the ants, the ants, they do a little dance then they die! die! die! die! die! die! die!

i personally have a huge distaste for killing anything. weeds, snails (i employ the girl next door to throw my snails into the street to kill them), slugs (can't stand to see them melt with the salt and nezzy says thanks for putting a little salt on them mommy before gulping them down (that's not the worst thing she eats, trust me), really, anything. but yesterday, when george had left a chicken wing on the counter inside a paper bag and the ants invaded i wanted to get out the hair spray and homemade-flamethrower them to death.... but no, i washed them down the drain and told them not to come back. they didn't listen. so this morning i put out some ant killer stuff called tarro. you put some clear liquid death bubble of goo on a piece of card board and put it where the ants are crawling around they eat it and bring it back to the nest and then when they die the other ants eat them and they die too. i left the goo for a while, no one was interested, then i went and grabbed some dog food crumbs to put on top and nezzy wanted them too, after i sprinkled them on the death goo i went and flushed the rest down the toilet and nezzy just about climbed in to get it... those beagles (don't worry they got a cookie before i left). when i left this morning there were four ants sitting at one of the death bubbles of clear goo drinking all in a row, just like they were belly up to a bar somewhere, and and then one ant stopped drinking and wiggled it's antenna like it was saying to the other ants that this is some good shit! i'm glad i'm not home, i hope george vacuums up any carnage before i get there. all the little ant babies without their ant daddies "'cause they gone and drunk the goo" is gonna make me cry.....

yeah, not really. they had fair warning.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

oh? puke!

i got to camp out on the couch last night. here's why:

get home last night and get all ready for bed and go to jump in bed and before i get in (thank god) i wipe my hand across the sheets to check for any suprises. suprises meaning wet spots that cabby left in bed while chewing on his feet or licking before laying down. but this time instead of wet spots i found puke. a big nasty sour pile of dog puke. arn't you happy you came and read this post...

Friday, June 02, 2006

dear whoever is in controll of this crazy ride

dear whoever is in controll of this crazy ride,

for whatever reason two days ago you dumped an i mac in my lap for free (oh yes, it totally works too). well not in my lap per say but in front of an office building right next to mine next to a monitor that had a big sticky note that said free. i stomped on my breaks and allmost ran around the car to check it out, the guy that just put it out came out of his office and told me that it's keyboard, mouse and power cord were in his car. right now, i love you (keep it a secret though because i don't tell that many people that). i hope this is payment for my tooth you made me break on the rock in that bread last weekend. if it is, i deserve it.

also thank you for my new knitting bag. it's the jordana page knitter's messenger bag in blue and black. sure it's smaller than my monster crop in style bag but that means i have to be just a little more organized and slim down a little on the shit i drag around with me. seriously, i fit allmost all of the stuf from the old bag into the new one last night but it's stuffed, i only have room for a scarf and a sock project. one of which i will be ripping out, i'll keep you in suspense about which one....