Wednesday, June 14, 2006

the ants, the ants, they do a little dance then they die! die! die! die! die! die! die!

i personally have a huge distaste for killing anything. weeds, snails (i employ the girl next door to throw my snails into the street to kill them), slugs (can't stand to see them melt with the salt and nezzy says thanks for putting a little salt on them mommy before gulping them down (that's not the worst thing she eats, trust me), really, anything. but yesterday, when george had left a chicken wing on the counter inside a paper bag and the ants invaded i wanted to get out the hair spray and homemade-flamethrower them to death.... but no, i washed them down the drain and told them not to come back. they didn't listen. so this morning i put out some ant killer stuff called tarro. you put some clear liquid death bubble of goo on a piece of card board and put it where the ants are crawling around they eat it and bring it back to the nest and then when they die the other ants eat them and they die too. i left the goo for a while, no one was interested, then i went and grabbed some dog food crumbs to put on top and nezzy wanted them too, after i sprinkled them on the death goo i went and flushed the rest down the toilet and nezzy just about climbed in to get it... those beagles (don't worry they got a cookie before i left). when i left this morning there were four ants sitting at one of the death bubbles of clear goo drinking all in a row, just like they were belly up to a bar somewhere, and and then one ant stopped drinking and wiggled it's antenna like it was saying to the other ants that this is some good shit! i'm glad i'm not home, i hope george vacuums up any carnage before i get there. all the little ant babies without their ant daddies "'cause they gone and drunk the goo" is gonna make me cry.....

yeah, not really. they had fair warning.


Blogger Inmate said...

Puke, goo and death. I'm seeing a trend here, sweetie. We need to get you to Elizabeth Arden's. Atleast its not roachs. I hate roachs. Especially when they do that 3-part harmony thing with a Brooklynesse accents...

Wed Jun 14, 05:44:00 PM 2006  

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