Friday, September 01, 2006

are you sitting down?

'cause i can't believe what's happened since the 10th of this month...

i'm now a jet city roller girl, my name is suzi 9mm, 'cause i got the guns... or as i said the other night, i am the whole gun show... and i'm on

i've been a little busy to post recenty... my schedule since last week has been

monday: knitting with k2tog
tuesday: skating practice

wednesday: knitting

thursday: skating practice

friday: went to jimmy z's to hang out with the derby girls, got home at 4 am on saturday after a trip to beths cafe in greenlake
saturday: bailed on the knitting that i was supposed to go to in the morning so i could sleep until 12 and then go volunteer at the roller derby bout at magnuson park from 2:30 until 9, headed over to joanne's house in renton to wish her daughter joy a happy birthday and stayed until 12:45 and it was either sleep on the couch or drive my ass the hell home, i chose home and my own bed
Sunday: get up to watch coronation st on tv at 7:30, go skating from 12:30 to 3:30, get home and eat dinner go to sleep this week

monday: knitting with k2tog

tuesday: skating practice
wednesday: skipped knitting (i know!) to go skating with the husband, he hadn't ever skated before and did really well for his 1st time, didn't even fall!!

thursday: skating practice, my friend stace fell last night and tore her acl and meniscus and won't be skating again for another 4-6 months. a really good reminder to keep up your equipment and not to push yourself and skate injured (she was skating on a bum knee already)
friday: knitting with some friends at the
saturday sunday monday: getting out of town (still skating on sat and sun maybe with my mom)

rinse and repeat....

i need a nap...